Ants Build Nests
Ants build nests. Humans do too; we call them cities.

Ants move their nests about once a year, according to a 2014 article in Wired. Humans wait until all the trash builds up into a pile they can't get rid of and then they move on.

I don't know what happens when we fill up the earth with trash; I'll probably talk about that elsewhere.

There's something to be said for picking up and going, the nomad lifestyle but on a longer, generational scale. All of the garbage, physical and emotional, you don't want to deal with, is just left behind. A nice thought, but the problem is, Aunt Millie wants to know your new address and all those dyfunctional emotions somehow get attached to someone else in the new location.

Besides, the spiritual, mature way of dealing with it, might be to sort through the garbage, decide what is still useful and donate or find some way to put to use all the rest.

I once started a company to ship all the really troublesome waste into space, specifically nuclear waste, specifically the sun. You could throw the entire earth into that incinerator and it wouldn't even burp. We never got beyond discussion stage; the Challenger blew up on the launch pad.

Humans have always generated garbage, a practice of great help to archeologists. Modern humans have succumbed to the disease of 'more' where we have to discard what we've got, perfectly useful though it may be, to make room for the new.

I buy a new computer every few years. I can always rationalize needing it, somehow. I generally don't discard the older ones, instead I find a use for them.

... I'm a charter member of the local propeller head club. There is only one entrance question, "How many computers do you own?"

The answer that qualifies you to be a member, isn't a number, no matter how large; what qualifies you for membership is some confusion, "I don't know, let me think," or "Does the Apple II in the attic, count? It's serial number 1818," something like that.

As I said, I'm a charter member. That Apple II, serial number 1818, is still in my attic.

Unfortunately the main use I've found is sitting underneath my desk until I need to test something on Linux, or a past version of Windows.

I'm not going to go into the condition of my hard drive....

When ants move into a new nest, it appears to be an ordered process, various groups of ants establish and excavate the new location before moving all the furniture and progressively more delicate items. It takes four to six days.

They apparently choose the new location at random, sometimes after a few moves ending up with a nest only a few feet from a place they were before. I don't think they'll be in danger of running out of places to move to anytime soon; no need to throw their garbage into the sun.