The Color of Silence
Miriam lives in a world of colors. This puts her at right angles to the rest of the world.

She rhapsodizes about the variety of green in a single summer second to a man who lives in black and white. He thinks she favors illegal immigration and avoids her.

Strictly, the infinity of shapes is the largest, followed by space and then counting, but any infinity larger than one dimensional makes judgement - the words good, better, best - problematic.

Miriam talks about the difference between peach and salmon to a woman who lives in grey. The woman believes Miriam is a pornographer and reports her to the police.

Five dimensional color is the same order of infinity as one dimensional grey. Pick a zero point and circle outward and you can reduce neon pink, mauve, chartreuse, indigo, cerulean blue, sunset orange and jade green to grey.

The police visit Miriam. She shows them her drivers license and talks about her mood: mostly blue, with a touch of sienna. The police turn her over to the department of welfare services.

The infinity of space dwarfs the infinity of number, but if you pick a dividing hyper plane, you reduce earth brown, steel blue, crimson and lemon yellow to black and white.

The welfare services people find Miriam a job at a fast food restaurant, cleaning tables. The customers do not talk to her except to ask for ketchup or salt.

Miriam thinks about the shades of red in the ketchup, the white sparkle of the salt and keeps her mouth shut.