Do Not Disturb
It's a rock. Prasiolite quartz. Six inches high by wide by deep. Quartz is crystal, therefore this rock is not smooth; it looks more like a small succulent. It also is deeply and widely veined with copper.

Quartz is a semiconductor and the copper veining might give just enough connectivity for supposing this prasiolite rock can compute, can even, dare I say it, think.

I will have more to say on the subject of whether consciousness of self can develop without some way of manipulating the world around you, so that's another supposition I'm asking. This rock has somehow differentiated itself from the world beyond its spiky perimeter.

So what would such a rock think? My opinion? It's a Bhuddist.

We will have to slow way down to perceive/communicate with it. It takes a day to conceive the equivalent of a word, a month or so for a sentence. Don't expect Wikipedia from this rock, but given enough time and suitable measuring instruments, you might find its IQ to exceed Einstein.

It practices (necessarily) the virtue of patience and is indifferent to desire, the source of all suffering. It is respectful of the way of all things, practicing non involvement to a degree unobtainable by more active species. It would never crush a blade of grass unless placed there by forces beyond its control.

And yet its non involvement is not perfect. By its very existence it prevents that same blade of grass from growing in the ground beneath it. It deduces the blade's existence from the repeated intervals where cracks on its surface widen. Never mind that the grass is ephemeral, about as meaningful in the rock's long existence as the multiple microbes on your skin are to you; for deep thinkers like this rock, the mere possibility of incomplete compliance is unsettling.

After contemplating for millenia, during which humans have created and destroyed civilizations over who got to call himself king of the hill, the rock arrives at some kind of peace with its place in the universe.

Its moral philosophy? Do not disturb.