Let Us Have No Handwringing
Let us have no handwringing. Democrats are in great shape.

Democrats won the popular vote and almost won the gerrymandered, voting restricted Electoral College. They have an impassioned and angry base - you can feel the resonance I get from people with my safety pin.

They have genuine heros: Obama is the most articulate, intelligent and just plain decent President this country has had in decades. Hillary is the most qualifed candidate to run for President in my lifetime and the first woman to be nominated for President by a major party. There's a broken glass ceiling for little girls to look up to. Even Donald called her a fighter. You want scrappers, how about Bernie and Elizabeth? And Biden is still around and making speeches.

The Republicans have nowhere to go except further right and further into the minority. We are already seeing the worst cronyism since Polk. And while Donald is cozying up to Russia, what part of the electorate remembers the Cold War? Hint: maybe Donald supporters? I don't know; I'm just saying.

It's almost a post truth to call the Republicans a party, they have "true" conservatives, Tea Party loyalists, Evangelicals (once they get their Supreme Court Justice, imagine the hangover when they wake up to the reality of their womanizing, foul tweeting newly anointed), and Never Trump holdouts. Talk about splintered.

I am not sanguine about the next four years, but there is room for hope and action.