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Do Not Disturb
An Imagined Sky
It was blind from birth, so even the word color was beyond imagining, but it had an intelligence far superior to our own and a probing curiosity that led it to reach out and to ponder what it encountered.

It had long ago deciphered our radio stream; that is, it had noticed the regular disturbance in the electromagnetic ether and deduced it to be of unnatural orgin. The linearity of speech and music gave it a sort of understanding of the contents. The arbitrary encoding of visual into TV lines, coupled with its complete lack of sight, made the understanding of TV impossible.

Music it liked best, but over the decades it had come to understand speech. Not in the same way we do, with our common referents, baggage of living and shared syntactic mental process - it had none of these, but there is a certain logic to the flow of speech, and a decipherable commonality to the elements.

Thus it came to an understanding of sky; azure with limpid clouds and a touch of breeze.