You understand that you have to die. The government makes me say that; nobody knows for sure, so they force us to tell you that. We like to call it the transfer. You can talk to the ones who've made the transfer already: they'll tell you they're the same person.

Just imagine; it's a chance to see your great great great grandchildren. A chance to go on without physical pain or distress. You'll still have emotions - the AI people were wrong about that - you won't turn into Spock or Data - so you'll still be human.

You'll enjoy the wonders of travel and see more than you ever have; all in perfect safety, all without leaving the comfort of the server farm. If you want a physical presence, you can rent one of our remote control chassis, modeled on a twenty year old in perfect health. Here's a picture of a group on the beach; that's in Nice, in France, on the Mediterranean, but it could be anywhere in the world; we have rental agencies everywhere, and if you want to go someplace where we don't happen to have an outlet, we can crate and ship a chassis, at a slight extra cost of course, but nothing compared to the costs of flying there.

No, no. That was decided long ago in Turner versus Colorado. You'll have all the rights and privileges you have today. We also have an effective lobby in congress; I wouldn't worry about that at all.

Viruses? That's no worse than here; think about all the bacteria and viruses you have to deal with here; all those little creepy things all the way down to the microscopic level crawling over your skin and inside your body. We have more control over their environment, not less. We have built in protection, automatically updated. We examine the viruses down to the code level and build protection against them. It's sort of like vaccination here or going to the doctor on a daily basis, but extra safe, because we control whats happening at the most basic level. You don't have to wash your hands over there.

You can transfer today if you want to, you just have to sign a few simple forms and then we can put you through the scan. Just step this way.