This is Not a Blog
When I came back to this work, many years later, a friend remarked, "you had a blog before there were blogs."

While I'm flattered, I think he was wrong.

Yes this is a set of writings, contributed to on a regular basis. But where blogs tend to be diaries and reactions to the here and now, this is one work; a set of articles with a longer time focus and an overarching direction which connect into a grand unified hypertextual whole.

So, this time, I'm deliberately structuring the site somewhat differently. Primitive, really. Just words and a picture now and then. Essays with links embedded. Follow the links; maybe I'll keep them the same from day to day, maybe I won't. I do know there will not be an index and any organization you find will honor the multidimensional digressive thicket that is both the way my mind works and the presentation most appropriate to my subject.

Just to prove my mind isn't small; there are a few exceptions. Two links are at the top right of every page. ttscp gets you back to the home page (except on the home page where it brings you here), and chron gets you to a dated list of all my essays. I know I'd be frustrated if I couldn't tell what just got added to the site.