It's the biggest excuse in the world: I'll do it tomorrow.

On a personal level, it is every diet or exercise program I never started. It's that report that I waited until the last minute to mash together. It's the retirement savings program where I waited until I was too old and couldn't afford to save enough.

There was always something more important, like a new TV, a new car, going out to eat. On a public level it is the infrastructure we haven't funded, the roads, the bridges and buildings that are now falling down. It's the education of our children.

Always something more important: like making sure that the neighbor's tree doesn't spoil my view.

Then there's the debt crisis of a few years back. Engineered by a bunch of two year old congress people who wouldn't compromise, so they stopped government spending entirely until they were satisfied. And what satisfied them? Passing a bill now to cut off spending in the future. At least that way they could tell their constituents that their principles hadn't been compromised.

And now there is the "repeal Obamacare" promise of Donald. Paul has said he will make that happen; guess when?

Three years.

Three years for people to forget their promise. Three years to figure out how to do something, anything, that won't take away the insurance of the 21 million people newly covered. Take it away either directly or by forcing them into the private market, which did such a good job of taking care of them before.

Three years, time enough to find someone or something else to blame.

Good job, Donald. Good job, Paul. You're covered.

The rest of us will just have to wait.