Always act to increase the survival chances of the largest group you are a part of.

A maze of twisty little passages through the digressive thicket of my mental process.

Act. When action is impossible, gather information. When neither are possible, sleep

As you might guess from the three orthogonal spinning disks on the opening/home page (the sentences are repeated above), there are three axes to this web site. The first is an emphasis on moral/ethical aspects. The second is structural: an attempt to use hypertext to represent the digressive nature of thought (at least my thought). The third is really an emphasis on a longer term time frame, with action important, but not always called for.

This is not a blog. These are thoughtfully considered essays and short stories, not diary or journal entries.

ttscp gets you back to the home page (except on the home page where it brings you here), new gets you to a dated list of everything. I know I'd be frustrated if I couldn't tell what just got added to the site.